Ralph overview

Ralph consists of 3 submodules:

Ralph Core

Ralph Core (DCIM and CMDB) acts as a base system for Ralph applications. It is the database of Networks, IP Addresses, Racks, and discovered hardware.

It allows you to:
  • scan networks automatically through periodic or manual scans.
  • deploy servers by generating appropriate DNS/DHCP configs and uses I/PXE method.
  • see relations between Configuration Items using CMDB view interface

Ralph Assets

This submodule provides advanced Asset management system which has following features:
  • manual inventory system
  • can be used alongside Ralph Core discovery using reconciliation technique
  • covers complete life cycle of assets from purchase to decommissioning
  • gives ability to generate custom defined PDF documents (hardware assignments printouts for example)
  • integrated assets license management
  • integrated basic hardware support/contracts management
  • easy & usable module for generic inventory tasks

Ralph Pricing “Scrooge”

This submodule provides flexible billing and financial reporting subsystem which can:
  • calculate TCO of Services using complex utilization of bare metal costs, IT Support work time, virtualization costs
  • integrate OpenStack billings with hardware costs
  • gather historical data every day to safely inspect trends over time

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