DHCP configuration

Ralph can generate configuration for your DHCP servers. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any DHCP server that could use a database for storing its configuration directly, so to keep the configuration updated, you will need to generate it from Ralph periodically and reload your DHCP server when it changes. There is a script called ralph_dhcp_agent.py distributed with Ralph in the contrib directory that makes it easier to do.

Ralph DHCP agent

This script is supposed to be called periodically by cron. It will download a new DHCP configuration for the server on which it runs from Ralph, compare its date with the date of the current configuration, and restart your DHCP server if the downloaded configuration is newer.

Configured DHCP servers

Ralph can optionally keep a list of all DHCP servers in its data centers. When a DHCP server that is on that list downloads a fresh DHCP configuration from Ralph, Ralph will note this fact in the database. This is later used during server deployment to wait for all DHCP servers to update their configuration. If a DHCP server is not on the list, Ralph will not wait for it to update before proceeding with deployment.

Importing and exporting DHCP configuration

You can use the dhcpimport and dhcpexport Ralph commands to import or export DHCP entries.